Utah Disaster Team cares about the health and well-being of our customers, employees & overall community. As the recent events surrounding the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation continue, we want to share the steps we are taking to ensure that our services are being delivered in the healthiest way to clean your business and protect your customers.

Our professional damage restoration technicians are trained to take special precautions to ensure a healthier environment including wearing personal protective equipment (i.e., disposable gloves, shoe covers and masks when appropriate), regularly washing hands and minimizing physical interactions. Our technicians are friendly and caring – and your health is our primary concern.

We have trained our employees on maintaining appropriate social distance throughout the workday and the critical importance of personal hygiene with a specific emphasis on hand-washing before, during and after all jobs. We also provide our employees with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) where necessary so they can perform their work safely and with confidence.

A healthy team is also important to us, which is why we’re asking our employees to take proper measures to minimize risk, including personal care and protection, and to stay home if/when they feel ill until they recover completely. Our routine protocols include local operators completing a daily comprehensive cleaning of equipment. As an added precaution, we are also asking our technicians to apply our hospital-grade sanitizer and wipe down equipment between each cleaning service to introduce clean equipment into the next home.

We invite all our customers to please inform our office about any special conditions you have so the technicians can prepare properly. This includes any concerns or conditions in your home, such as current or recent illnesses of family members. We are prepared to help you achieve and maintain a healthier home & work environment.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever.